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5'5" 166cm 28A-cup Flat Chested Sex Doll Thin Body TPE Full Size Love Doll

Up to 50% Off! Petite and Cute Chest.

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The sex doll is applied with talcum powder when it leave the factory. The clothing and accessories shown in the pictures are for shooting and display purposes and are not included in the package.

Items that come with the sex doll are:

  • Wig x1
  • Manual x1
  • *Sexy lingerie x1
  • *Cleaning pot x1
  • *Comb x1
  • *Gloves x1

*Gift presented at random that may vary.

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5'5" 166cm 28A-cup Flat Chested Sex Doll Thin Body TPE Full Size Love Doll Sex Robot
Product Name 28A-cup Flat Chested Sex Doll
Material TPE Full Body, Jelly Boobs
Skin Tone Olive
Hair Blond wig
Holes Vagina, Mouth, Anus
Size / Height 5 feet 5 inches / 166cm
Breast Size 28A-cup, Flat chested
Bust 26.8 inches / 68cm
Lower Bust 23.2 inches / 59cm
Waist 21.3 inches / 54cm
Hip 30.7 inches / 78cm
Vaginal Depth 7.1 inches / 18cm
Anal Depth 6.3 inches / 16cm
Mouth Depth 5.5 inches / 14cm
Shoulder Width 13.8 inches / 35cm
Arm Length 25.6 inches / 65cm
Hand Length 6.3 inches / 16cm
Outside Leg Length 40.2 inches / 102cm
Inside Leg Length 33.1 inches / 84cm
Foot Length 8.7 inches / 22cm
Weight 32Kg
Package Size 61.4*15.7*11.8 inches / 156*40*30cm

These sex doll sizes are based on manual measurement, may be a difference of about 1-3 units.

Personalized Sex Doll

Personalized Sex Doll

Personalized sex doll allow you to customize the appearance of the sex doll, such as skin tone, face shape(head), and add advanced function such as constant temperature heating, vibrating and sucking.

  • [Constant Temperature Heating]: Built-in temperature intelligent control chip, after plugged in, it can keep the temperature of the sex doll at a specific temperature.
  • [Intelligent Voice]: You can have some simple conversations with sex doll, as well as make some sexy sounds, to increase the fun.
  • [Hand Skeleton]: Built-in finger steel wire simulates hand bones to support finger movements.
  • [Removable Vagina]: Removable vagina for easy cleaning. But the reality and experience are not as good as the built-in fixed vagina.
  • [Standing]: The default sex doll cannot stand. Select this if you need it to stand.
  • [Vibrating & Sucking]: Electric buttocks to create vibrating effect and sucking function.
  • [Veins]: Simulated veins in prominent positions throughout the body make sex doll look more realistic.
  • [Upgraded Yoga Skeleton]: The upgraded yoga skeleton makes the sex doll swing at a larger angle and is more realistic.

How Soft and Elastic

As shown in the video, the skin of Perrole sex doll is soft and elastic to the touch, and its boobs are full of bounce. These make it very close to real person.

This Full Size Flat Chested Sex Doll Features:

  • Removable Wig: The flat chested sex doll with a removable blond wig that is easy to replace and clean, so you can change up your love doll’s look whenever you want in a later stage.
  • Facial Features: The flat chested sex doll has exquisite facial features with navy blue eyes that are sure to captivate anyone who looks at her. The sex doll’s face is sculpted by professional artists to ensure that every detail is perfect.
  • Model-like Thin Body: This flat chested sex doll is 5'5", it has a model-like thin body with slender limbs. The sex doll has perfect body proportions which is made according to the golden ratio.
  • 28A-cup Size Boobs: This flat chested sex doll has a petite 28A-cup size boobs that is perfect for those who prefer a smaller boobs. The boobs is filled with jelly that feels like real human skin and flesh.
  • Movable Limbs & Joints: The flat chested sex doll has movable limbs and joints, which means it can be posed in many elegant and sexy poses. This makes it perfect for photography or just for displaying in your home.

5 Things about Perrole Sex Doll

Perrole Sex Doll Alloy Skeleton

Alloy Skeleton

Built-in high-quality alloy skeleton, anti-deformation, durable. This is the core part of the sex doll, we often extract useful information from customer feedback and upgrade it with more functional features. The swing of each joint of the sex doll becomes more and more realistic, and more and more poses can be posed.

Sex Doll Alloy Full of Bounce

Bounce & Elasticity

The softness of high-quality raw materials and exquisite manufacturing technology make the skin texture and elasticity of the sex doll very close to real person. The skin of various parts are soft and elastic, especially the touch of the breasts and buttocks are very realistic.

Realistic & Lifelike of Perrole Sex Doll

Realistic & Lifelike

We cooperate with the industry's top factory that with superb technology, and have experienced mold sculptors and makeup artists to fully ensure that each of our sex doll is very realistic and looks lifelike.

Amazing Experience with Spiral and Protruding Granular of Sex Doll

Amazing Experience

In order to make the sex doll more realistic, we use special technology to make the vaginal hole and anal hole with spiral and protruding granular to increase friction and make the sexual intercourse experience more real and more fun.

Selected Material

Selected Material

We are very careful about the selection of raw materials, each sex doll is strictly made of high-quality TPE or silicone material, which is non-toxic, healthy and environmentally friendly. Ensure safety and pleasure while enjoying sexual love.


Doll Swings at Various Angles

Sex Doll Swings at Various Angles

The joints of the sex doll can be placed in various sexy and elegant postures as shown in the picture above. The different manufacturers have slightly different in swing angles.

These Doll Care Need to Know

All joints of the sex doll support swinging, but please note that not allowed to full swing, and not allowed to swing with extreme force also.

Do not leave sex doll in one position for extended periods of time, and avoid placing it on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.

Clean sex doll regularly with warm water and mild antibacterial soap.

Dry your sex doll with a towel instead of a hairdryer, which can damage it.

Whenever possible, use water-based lubricants instead of other lubricants.

It's a good idea to read the instruction manual.

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